I detest Day Shift

I detest Day Shift

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Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco are the stars of the new vampire hunting movie "Day Shift". The movie tells the story of a blue collar dad trying to provide a better life for his young daughter. However, his routine job in San Fernando Valley pool cleaning is a disguise for his true income, hunting down and killing vampires as part of an International Union of Viper Hunters.

It sounds like a fun idea, but can J.J. Perry bring it to life?

The movie opens with a crazy action scene in which Jamie Foxx is shotgunning at an old lady who turns up to be a vamp. The two of them then have a wild fight that turns out to be a great time. The movie's use of ragdoll physics in its action scenes makes them pop in a way that many other action movies (or blockbusters) do not.

Day Shift may be the worst movie ever made. It is obvious what they wanted to do but they failed so badly. It is lacking in acting ability, dialogue, and plot. I still enjoyed it. It could be that I am a sucker of vampire movies, or it could just be that I love watching bad movies. Day Shift was great. It's not a great movie, but it's a lot of fun. This is all I expect from a movie like that.

Day Shift was a mixed film. On one hand, there is a lot of fun action and some fun characters (the brothers and Seth), but on the other hand the villain was horrible and there are a lot of mediocre characters. There were scenes that could have been added but they didn't. Bud's neighbor acts like they are close friends even though she was only given 3 minutes of screen-time prior to the final scene. That helps the good characters shine even further. Overall, the movie is enjoyable, but it could have Day Shift horror movie been even better.

I almost forgot about Snoop Dogg. He's amazing in Day Shift. He makes the entire movie worth your time. His character is funny and he has great lines. More importantly, he just feels so natural in the part. It's as if he was made for the role.

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